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Moins vous travaillez… plus vous êtes payé!

Dans Construction & Corruption, plus vous gardez vos contrats longtemps, moins les travaux avancent, plus vous gagnez d’argent. Mais attention! Soyez un peu trop feignant et l’investigation fédérale vous guette. Pire encore : le succès attire la jalousie, et vos adversaires pourraient vous attaquer bien avant que la police ne réagisse!

Le troc, le commerce et la négociation sont au cœur du jeu ‘Construction & Corruption’. Vous pouvez échanger de l’argent, des cartes d’enquête, des contrats avec leur corruption, des ” clés de la ville “, la carte du premier joueur et des promesses, à tout moment. Vous pouvez placer un travailleur, faire une promesse puis rompre votre promesse et déplacer votre travailleur à nouveau. Dans ce jeu, les promesses ne sont pas contraignantes.

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The less you work, the more you get paid! 

In Construction & Corruption, the longer you keep your contracts, the more money you will receive. But be careful! Too much money and not enough work can carry the stink of corruption, which might bring about a federal investigation! But even worse than that, success carries the sting of jealousy, and other players may try to attack you well before the cops find out!

Bartering, trading and negotiation are central to the game. It’s a free-for-all. You may trade money, Investigation Cards, Contracts with their Corruption, ‘Keys to the City,’ the First Player Token, and promises, at any time. You may place a worker, make a promise, then break your promise and move your worker again. In the world of “Construction & Corruption,” promises are frequent, but never binding.

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3 reviews for Construction & Corruption

  1. Mark

    If you like social board games and have spent any time stuck in Montreal construction traffic, you’re gonna get a kick out of this game. Love the attention to detail on the artwork – lots of little Montreal-related Easter eggs. The gameplay itself is a fun balance between cooperating and backstabbing, and seeing exactly how far corruption can get you before it bites you. Every game is different and depends on how much you trust whoever you’re playing with.

  2. Daniel

    Every game is a unique experience since it is directed by the players themselves. This aspect always for great replayability. The art work on the game is one of a kind and really adds to the flavor of the game. The rules are quick to explain and first timers don’t take long to dive right into the action, maybe sometimes a little too much. haha

  3. Sasha

    Review for Construction & Corruption
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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