Possible Delays

Hey everyone, quick update on the potential timing for your deliveries:

As of posting, the shipment was slated to leave Shanghai on Dec 10th and arrive in Montreal for Dec 17th. I’ve now been informed that the pick-up in Shanghai will be Dec 12th. Now normally, any time of year, a two-day change is not fatal, but for Christmas, this could make things really come close.

Now you’d think ‘that’s still twelve days’ no problem right? Well, maybe. It depends on many many things:

  • Loading goods at the airport in Shanghai during the busiest time of the year
  • Pallets of games are weighed before placed on the plane, small errors cause delays
  • Canadian customs may flag shipments for inspection, adding potentially 72 hours (I mean, the goods are called “Corruption…”)
  • After packing, Purolator & Fedex will each have their own high-volume time of year to deliver to you in Quebec, Ontario, and elsewhere.

Once the pallets are cleared through customs, two things will happen:

  • Our Montreal freight forwarder will immediately begin ‘pick and pack’ operations, sorting the cartons of game into individual courier shipments;
  • I will drive like a madman with 10-12 cartons stuffed in my backseat for you who select “Reunion” for the pick-up option in Montreal. All along the way (even before the drive) I will be posting updates here on our progress.

I understand that a lot of you want this game for Dec 25th – the factors at play here though are getting beyond my control. Each link in the chain could work, but then a customs inspection could push us back two days.

It’s killing me, I can assure you, but I do not want to get your hopes up if for you this package was a ‘Christmas or nothing’ venture. I’d rather have early cancellations and refunds than false promises. So there’s the situation as is – once things develop (from Shanghai to here) I’ll continue to post and give you the news.

The pick-up date and location is still set for Boutique L’Abyss on Dec 22nd:

7355 Boulevard Saint-Michel, Montréal, QC H2A 2Z9

If you have any questions, or need help filing a refund, contact: